Changing Behaviour

In this part of the SESAME project, we worked with small businesses and stakeholders to develop a digital e-learning tool for encouraging flood risk adaptation amongst SMEs. This interactive Web-2 app allows users to communicate with other businesses, share their views and experiences, access key resources and learn from a range of people who have flood experience or expertise.

The design of the tool was informed by 1/ a literature review, 2/ the “Understanding Behaviour” part of the SESAME study and 3/ a co-production process comprising interactive workshops with small businesses and regional and national bodies that have an interest in small business flood resilience. The proof-of-concept version of the tool is available at

To learn more about the ‘Changing Behaviour’ part of SESAME, contact Professor Lindsey McEwen (University of the West of England) or Dr Tim Harries (Kingston University).

Flooding outside a pub